A&E World

09 Apr 2018

A&E Interviews: Annie Vartivarian, Founder Of Letitia Gallery In Lebanon

Agenda Culturel

21 Apr 2018

‘Portmanteau’, Ahmed Badry


23 Apr 2018

Portmanteau exhibition opens at Letitia Art Gallery

Cedar Wings

07 May 2018

"Portmanteau" Ahmed Badry


04 May 2018


Executive Bulletin

19 Apr 2018

“Portmanteau” exhibition opens at Letitia Art Gallery

Word Press

18 Apr 2018

Ahmed Badry: a Journey Through Objects, Transformations and Language


09 Apr 2018


L'Orient Le Jour

23 Apr 2018

AHMAD BADRY : PORTMANTEAU à la galerie Letitia Tour Saroulla Hamra

Lebanon Traveler

08 May 2018

Putting an artistic spin on everyday objects

Liban Aujourd'hui

22 Apr 2018

في “ليتيسيا (Portmanteau) إفتتاح معرض “ألفاظ منحوتة”

Libnan News

25 Apr 2018

Ou comment réexaminer le rôle de l'objet dans la société

Magazine Le Mensuel

01 May 2018

Ahmed Badry - Portmanteau

Noun Magazine

01 May 2018

«Portmanteau» d’Ahmed Badry

The Arab Weekly

13 May 2018

‘Portmanteau’, an artist’s lens into social and political issues

Etere Art

09 Apr 2018

Ahmed Badry “Portmanteau” 19 April – 17 June 2018

Gulf News

23 Apr 2018

The effects of non-codified objects on language


10 May 2018

The Artist Using Everyday Objects to Change Perceptions


14 May 2018

Ahmed Badry’s “Portmanteau” at Letitia Gallery

L'Orient Le Jour

28 May 2018

L’univers hybride, boiteux et drôle d’Ahmad Badry


02 Jun 2018

Letitia Gallery is pleased to announce a new solo exhibition by the Egyptian artist Ahmed Badry...

Frankfurter Allgemeine Art market

03 Jun 2018

AHMED BADRY IN BEIRUT : Crossed Creations

Femme Magazine

01 Jun 2018

Letitia Art Gallery


01 May 2018

“Portmanteau” by Ahmed Badry

Art Bahrain

04 Apr 2018

Ahmed Badry: Portmanteau


04 Jun 2018


Agenda Culturel

17 Dec 2018

25th anniversary of Ashkal Alwan

Egypt Today

13 Jun 2019

Ahmed el-Badry wins Cairo International Biennale Award