Over, Through and Around

Radhika Khimji

Over, Through and Around is an exhibition of new work by Omani artist Radhika Khimji. Working from her studio in London, Khimji employs a collaged approach to image- and installation- making. Her layered works are built up architecturally, encompassing photo-transfer, painting and repetitive mark-making.

The exhibition features a collection of works on paper that incorporate knitting, a new material for the artist, as well as her signature gesture of using drawing implements to pierce the surface of the page, creating a track for embroidery. 

Over, Through and Around highlights Khimji’s intimate portrayals of absent bodies, ambiguous landscapes, and the objects left behind within them.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 11am to 7pm

                             Saturdays from 12pm to 5pm


28 Feb /11 May